Volunteers from Contending For The Faith Church Ministries provide treats to a fifth grade class in celebration of good attendance. Amos Smith (at right) who is Vice Chair of SOHW, also recently helped to coach the STRIDE Team.

Bill Jeffrey, Seeds of Hope Wilson Board Adviser, works with STRIDE students at the Seeds of Hope House as they plant roses as part of a service project.

Maria Resendiz, parent to 2nd Grade student, Alejandro, and now a SOHW Board member and one who has been instrumental in encouraging other Hispanic families to become involved at Vick Elementary.


Our Volunteers

Linda Lane, SOHW Board Member who serves as Treasurer and fills in for various functions such as working at Seeds of Hope House in the After School Program.

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Thanks to our friends from the BB&T Lighthouse Project --from Merchant's Services have been faithful to work with our After School Program students and have helped provide furnishings and supplies to SOHH on a continual basis.

Fred Hight (in the background), SOHW Board Chair and his wife Sanda Hight, who is Chair of the ASP Advisory Committee, work with After School Students to interpret the story--Stone Soup.